Proud to achieve ISO 27001 certification

SJOG have been awarded the internationally recognised ISO 27001 certification for the way we protect the data and information of the people we support, our colleagues and donors.

We’ll now be audited annually to ensure that our robust Information Security System (ISMS) continues to develop, and that our colleagues remain up to date on how to protect information, ensure confidentiality and prevent unauthorised access to the information we hold.

Marking World TB Day - 24 March 2021

Today, 24 March, is World Tuberculosis (TB) Day – marking the date in 1882 when Dr Robert Koch announced that he had discovered the bacterium that causes TB, which opened the way towards diagnosing and curing this disease.  

To mark the day and raise awareness of TB which remains one of the world’s deadliest infectious killers, SJOG’s Olallo House in London is welcoming a special guest to its service – Professor Onn Min Kon who is head of the tuberculosis service at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, as well as professor of respiratory medicine at the National Heart & Lung Institute, Imperial College London, and chair of the UK National Multidrug-resistant Tuberculosis (MDRTB) clinical advice service.  

Professor Kon is going to be ‘volunteering’ in the service and at the same time giving us an insight into the world of TB treatment. (Follow our social media for more information!)

London is infamously known as the TB capital of Western Europe and accounts for around 36% of cases nationally.  Rates of TB are highest among people with social risk factors including homelessness and especially among rough sleepers, who are more likely to be infectious and less likely to complete TB treatment.  (Standard TB treatment lasts a minimum of 6 months and for multi-drug resistant TB, treatment takes a minimum of 2 years.)

The Department of Health recognised homelessness as a major barrier to completing TB treatment.  To address this and meet this unmet need, Olallo House has, since 2011, been providing specialist medical, social and psychological support enabling homeless patients to complete their full course of TB treatment and address other issues that have contributed to their homelessness.

Please support Olallo's work:

As we mark World TB day and celebrate our work at Olallo House supporting some of the most vulnerable TB patients through their treatment and with the other complexities of their lives, we continue to seek funding to complement their TB treatment package.  Please donate and help us to help vulnerable homeless people rebuild their lives: 


Celebrating Saint John of God Day - 8th March

Our inspiration to ‘do good’.

On 8th March, we celebrate the life of João Cidade, better known as Saint John of God, the charity’s founder.  As a charity we follow his example to do good and continue to add new stories to his 500 year legacy.

Born in 1495 John dedicated his adult life to the care of the poor and the sick. Having experienced treatment for his own mental illness, he fought to change the practices of the day so that people were treated with love and compassion. He looked after people no-one else would and people soon followed his way - the Hospitaller way. This following grew into a worldwide movement and today health and social care services exist in over 50 countries.

SJOG is inspired by this drive to do good and every day we follow his example in our services throughout the country. 

Happy Saint John of God Day to all!

Leadership Award Winner: SJOG’s Chief Executive, Paul Bott

The Markel 3rd Sector Care Awards celebrate the work of the not-for-profit sector.  Finalists were short-listed in the autumn of 2020 and at a virtual ceremony on 12 February, Paul was named winner in the Leadership category.

The winner was announced by Liz Jones, Policy Director for the National Care Forum, who described Paul as ‘a determined leader, phenomenal and driven.  And despite being faced with an enormous challenge, his relentless approach paved the way forward for change whilst also being a sensitive decision maker’.

A conversation with Esther Rantzen followed, where Paul talked about the work of the charity meeting need where we can, and in particular the growing area of need in modern day slavery; SJOG now being the largest provider of safe-houses in the country.

Paul paid tribute to the great people within the organisation who have contributed to ensuring its continued success. An inclusive approach embracing the genius of our colleagues is what makes the difference. 

Esther concluded: “Congratulations on the extraordinary work you are doing and best wishes to your genius team.”

Introducing Magic Space..

.. a mobile word of sensory exploration

Sensory therapy is proven to be beneficial for people with learning disabilities and complex needs. Welcome to Magic Space - using new advancements in technology it creates sensory experiences in a virtual environment, and putting it on wheels so that we can take it anywhere we need  – it’s magic!

Magic Space is a concept that we have been working on for several years.  In 2020, the Covid pandemic and the need to shield vulnerable people in our care meant that access to traditional sensory therapies ceased. The need for Magic Space became even more apparent and in September 2020, The National Lottery (as part of the Covid Response Fund) granted the funding for the first Magic Space.  Between then and December 2020, Magic Space was designed and coach-built to our specification and was delivered to us in January 2021.

This will enable us to deliver bespoke sensory experiences to meet the needs of people we support; combining technology and traditional sensory experiences and therapy, whether that might be calming, stimulating, for desensitisation, learning or for entertainment.  The technology uses immersive virtual reality, projection, 360 multi-sensory experience including wind, scent, touch, sound and vibration.

When we conducted a pilot test in 2019, the people we support in Dalby View experienced a range of scenarios from being on a racing track to attending a pop concert. Staff and the people we support all said that Magic Space was “phenomenal” and “a game-changer”.  “There is nothing like this - using virtual environments in a therapeutic way to improve quality of life outcomes is brilliant.”

SJOG’s IT Technician Awarded Apprentice of the Month

Awarded by Baltic Apprenticeships to Lee Wilson who is working towards his Level 4 IT Professional qualification at SJOG . Lee was nominated by SJOG’s Chief Finance Officer, Leanne Welford, who shared the ways that Lee has made an impact on the charity: “Lee has managed IT for SJOG for 2 years with minimal additional support. The charity has been through an extraordinary period of change and growth, supporting more people in need. During this time, Lee managed the transfer to Office365 and the move to fully cloud-based systems, supporting the introduction of a new integrated IT system across the charity.

Lee has approached his apprenticeship with enthusiasm and has grown in confidence and knowledge. This month, as well as winning apprentice of the week during training for his diligent approach to his studies, he has delivered amazing outcomes for us.

At short notice, Lee managed to source and set up 150 tablets for use in a new outreach service supporting victims of modern day slavery. This service will be critical in supporting extremely vulnerable people remotely in these difficult times. He also took a lead in arranging the entire IT infrastructure for the project, and ensured adequate connections would be available for our colleagues and the people we support. In addition to this, Lee saved the charity £70,000 by sourcing free software licences to support the project. This was an amazing effort, recognised by all his colleagues. Lee is well known for always being willing to help, to solve a problem, and to go the extra mile for the people we support. He is a valuable part of the SJOG family.”

Well done Lee!

Reproduced with permission of Baltic Apprenticeships

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