Second anniversary of the invasion of Ukraine

Two years on and the war continues

24th February 2024 marks the second anniversary of the invasion of Ukraine by Russia.  The impact on Ukrainians over these two years has been immense, with millions fleeing their homes to find refuge throughout Europe.  The estimated figure is 10+ million people (source UN).  Over 300,000 have sought refuge here in the UK (source Home Office).

The government’s Homes for Ukraine Scheme in the UK was established to match people willing to take Ukrainians into their homes, with those in need. 

SJOG became an official partner of this scheme in the summer of 2022, and in partnership with Caritas Social Action Network, offer a matching pathway, training and support programme for sponsors and guests.

To-date the project has supported over 250 individuals with 110 guests having been placed with hosts in the UK. 

Support includes online training and information resources for both hosts and guests, transfers from the Ukrainian border to the city nearest to their future home, and a ‘belonging’ box is given to make families welcome when they arrive.  The programme also ensures that support from the team and local communities is available to make the experience as seamless and fulfilling as possible. 

For many, both hosts and guests have found their experiences positive and complimentary of the work and support provided by SJOG’s Homes for Ukraine team – Mariia, Sofiia, Anastazia and Michael. 

“I would like to thank all the organisers and team members of SJOG for this incredible program. My experience in the UK has been extremely positive, with the country proving to be exceptionally hospitable.   The sponsors turned out to be unbelievably wonderful people who not only helped me with integration but also shared valuable insights about the area, making life easier and more comfortable.”   Vira (guest)

“Thank you for your support at every stage, we almost didn't feel any great difficulties connected to this process, from beginning to end..  There was a feeling of communication with you that it's not just a job for you; it is a mission. That is very precious.”  Valentyna (guest)

As the war enters its third year, the need for hosts in the UK continues.  For more information on how to sponsor a family or an individual, go to:

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