Legacies... leaving a special gift

A large proportion of our voluntary income comes from gifts that people leave to us in their wills. It is straightforward to do and makes a big impact on the work we do.

Making a will

A will is essential in order to ensure that people are aware of your wishes when you die. It is usual to make a will via your solicitor. At this time, you will be able to advise of any charitable requests you wish to make. This may take the form of a pecuniary legacy, which is a specific amount, or a residual legacy which means that what is left after all debts and others bequests are made, will be paid to the charity.

You will need the name and address of our charity as follows:

Saint John of God Hospitaller Services
Suite 1-3
Lingfield House
Lingfield Point
Co Durham

Registered charity no. 1108428

Donate in memory

If you would like to send a gift in memory of a loved one, please send details and if you would like the Brothers to remember this person in their prayers, in a mass intention, please let us know.

Further information about making a will can be found on the Government’s Directgov website

Click here

We are indebted to those who remember the charity in their wills, enabling the continuation and extension of the charity’s work.