SJOG Intensive Housing Management Service

Providing high-quality person-centred housing support

SJOG’s Intensive Housing Management (IHM) offers a service for people living in supported housing to help sustain their tenancies and live safely and independently in their home.

IHM involves general landlord services, together with additional services and support for those who need it.

For some people SJOG will be their landlord. A tenancy agreement in an easy to understand format is given to all our tenants. This explains what the responsibilities are of both the tenant and the landlord.

Ensuring safe and
well-maintained properties


Meeting compliance and regulation standards:

  • For gas, water hygiene, asbestos, electricity

Fire Safety

  • Fire risk assessments
  • Compliance across all properties


  • Cyclical and Planned Works
    • Window and door replacements
    • Decoration schemes
  • Energy Efficiency Measures
    • Solar Panel
    • Boiler Replacements
 The service ensures that a person’s home is comfortable and somewhere people can feel safe and secure.

What is provided?

  • A Housing officer is assigned to each person as their main point of contact to assist with rent payments, housing benefits and reporting maintenance issues.
  • Repairs and maintenance, and ‘odd jobs’ carried out by SJOG’s handyman team ensures repairs are carried out quickly and by a regular group of people with whom tenants become familiar and at ease with. These might range from property repairs to small jobs, for example:
    • Help with decorating
    • Laying flooring
    • Assembling furniture
  • Adaptations made to the property to ensure its suitability for the tenant.
  • Provision of materials to support a person’s understanding of their tenancy (where SJOG is the person’s landlord).
  • Ongoing liaison with other parties involved in the provision of care and other support services to the tenant.
  • Regular safety and maintenance checks carried out.

Get in touch if you’d like to know more and how we may be able to support you.