The gender pay gap is a difference between the average (mean) pay of all male and female colleagues across all jobs with our organisation. A gender pay gap does not mean that men and women are paid at different rates for the same work, this would be against our values (and illegal), it means that on average there are more women in lower paid jobs and more men in higher paid jobs.

SJOG supports the principle of equal pay for work of equal value.

Gender Pay Gap Report 2022

(Snapshot Data from April 2021)

Based on the snapshot data from 1st April 2021, the Gender Pay Gap information is as follows.

83% of colleagues are female.

Quartile Total Male %
Lower 26 21.0%
Lower Middle 14 11.3%
Upper Middle 15 12.1%
Upper 27 22.0%
Quartile Total Female %
Lower 98 79.0%
Lower Middle 110 88.7%
Upper Middle 109 87.9%
Upper 96 78.0%
Quartile Total Male Percentage Total Female Percentage
Lower 26 21.0% 98 79.0%
Lower Middle 14 11.3% 110 88.7%
Upper Middle 15 12.1% 109 87.9%
Upper 27 22.0% 96 78.0%

The mean hourly rate of pay for all colleagues was £11.38 (females £11.26, males it is £12.16).

The mean gender pay gap for SJOG at 1st April 2021 was 11.4%, which is lower than the UK mean which was 14.9% (based on draft data for 2021).

The median hourly rate of pay for all colleagues is £9.40 per hour (females £9.40, males £11.34), giving a median pay gap of 17.11% for 2021. This is higher than the UK draft data which is 15.4%.

Details of the Gender Pay Gap can be found on the Gender Pay Gap website:

(Note - SJOG does not pay bonuses and therefore is not required to report on this area.)