European Social Inclusion Conference - July 2023

Members of the Saint John of God communities across Europe gathered in Vienna in July to showcase their work and learn about what other groups are doing. We had the chance to attend and present information about what we do here in the UK.

We put together two posters and two videos to detail some of the work we carry out in our services and how we support different groups of people with high needs.

Poster 1: Trauma Informed Care

This poster gives a general overview of the research study about 'Establishing an Evidence-based Trauma-informed Care Pathway for Survivors of Modern Slavery'. It is an input to shape SJOG's delivery of support for people with trauma, so that it is aligned to the Trauma Informed Care (TIC) practice and principles. Click here to view - Poster 1: Trauma Informed Care

Poster 2 and Video 1: Journey to Autonomy and Self-Advocacy

SJOG disability services implemented the SJOG's People's Framework to promote independence and self-advocacy for the people we support. This poster shows the model used across services to involve service users in co-creation of services so that their voices are heard and support responds to their specific needs. Click here to view - Poster 2: SJOG's People's Framework

Video 1: Ashley Wilson, Head of Service Development and Natalie, first Expert by Experience at SJOG, talk about SJOG's People's Framework, our People's Charter and the impact it has had on the people we support and the development of services for people with disabilities.

Video 2: The Good Shepherd - Housing First

The Housing First project established at The Good Shepherd has had a great impact for people who are homeless to move on and settle in a better life. This video is a testimony of the impact of the project told by one person who benefited from it and the project worker who supported him